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About Us

Started Out in 1985, as a humble sole proprietorship, wholesaling in consumer electronics and textile. Straits Inc Pte Ltd has since grown into a diversified group with offices located globally.


Straits Inc Pte Ltd, with her HQ strategically located in Singapore, oversees activities from  Housing Infrastructure Investment, Micro Financing, Project Financing, and Startups Investment


We raise finance for our clients from our own extensive global network of internationally accredited finance sources including hedge funds, institutional investors, investment banks, investor clubs, money market funds, mutual funds, pension funds and venture capital firms.


Our practice focuses on investigating and resolving critical strategic issues related to business and plans for the future. We ensure that the strategic objectives for entering into a transaction are being met by identifying challenges that may be inherent and pursuing effective methods in developing appropriate plans. 


Our professionals apply their expertise to understanding of the target company’s business and determining whether it meets the requirements for a strategic investment.


Mission and Vision

To excel in serving global clienteles by rendering goods and services of the highest value. Our efforts have always been directed towards providing our valued clienteles with the highest level of professionalism, product quality and services which in turn would help our clients maximize their profits. Our mission is to continue serving our valued clienteles by striving to raise the benchmark in our scope of coverage.


• Always stay competitive

• Always provide excellent customer service

• Always ensure efficient, accurate lowest costs of financing

• Always provide product of the highest quality

• Always maximize value for our customers and be socially responsible

• We most value above all, our long-term customer relationship



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We are here to help you drive change and shape the future together.

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